How often is the auction held?
Fore more details, please click on the Auction Tab on top.

Is it possible to see the details of the vehicle that is going to be on auction a little earlier?
We usually have access to the details of the vehicle a day or two before the auction date. We will then translate it for you and provide them a day or two before the auction.


Do you accept credit card?
Unfortunately, we do not accept credit card.

Do you deal with foreign currencies?
Yes, we can accept foreign currencies such as USD, AUD, Euro and Sterling Pounds.

Do you accept bank checks?
Unfortunately, we do not accept bank checks.

What is your bank account information?
We only provide our bank account once the purchase deal is confirmed.
Please contact for more details.

Are the prices listed FOB or CIF?
The prices indicated on our website is FOB.


What are the countries you export to?
We export to any country that accepts Japanese imports.

When is the next shipment to my port?
We have good relationship with many shipping lines. Please contact us directly for shipment schedules.

What type of insurance can be put on while shipping?
We do not make any special insurance other than the one provided by the shipping company. If you need to insure your consignment with any special insurance policies, please let us know in advance.

Why is my country/port not on the shipping list?
There are countries where we do not export because of various reasons such as legalization problem, driver's seat on the wrong side, or simply if no ships are available to your port.


How can my company become a dealer for you?
We have exclusive and non-exclusive dealership programs. In order to qualify for these programs, we require deposit in advance or you can present us with your proof of good and trusted busienss relations.

Do you give out any warranty for the vehicles?
No, we do not give out any warranty for our vehicles. Used vehicles from Japan is strictly inspected by auction inspectors and we expect our customers to select their choice based on the rating of each car.

What are the auction grades?
Auction grade is a rating of the vehicle given by the used vehicle auctioneers.

1=very bad
R=Accidental history car

Why do you display the sold vehicles on your website?
We receive many inquiries from our visitors about the prices for various makes and models. By displaying some of the sold vehicles, we believe customers can get an idea of the prices.

Country Specific: Legalization of vehicles

Currently JAAI Inspection and certification is required for exporting vehicles from Japan to Kenya. JAAI information can also be found at JAAI. Port of entry would be Mombassa. Pre-export inspection is required in Japan and Singapore and we can arrange this for you. You can get more information from Kenya Bureau of Standards at KEBS

Department of transport and regional services has a website that has detailed information about importing vehicles to AU.


Information related to importing vehicles to UK can be found here:

Dealers and individuals can import right hand drive cars.